Beat the heat this Summer!

Whirly Bird

- Circulates fresh air through your home

- Reduces Energy Consumption


‘Whirly Bird’ roof ventilators are ideal for keeping fresh air circulating through your home all year round.


Reduce you energy consumption by installing a Whirly Bird. Specially designed to draw hot air from your roof cavity during the warmer months, these naturally aspirated ventilators will keep your home significantly cooler on even the hottest days. This means you can run your air-conditioner less often and more efficiently.


In winter months the increased circulation will also help to ensure that problems with condensation and damp are reduced or eliminated. Protecting your home from costly rot and mold issues.

But best of all Whirly Birds require no power to operate. Just have them installed and watch the energy bill savings soar.


A completely ‘Green’ product at a ‘Red Hot’ price!