Bring the daylight in with a Skylight Guy skylight!

HandiLite 400mm

- Suitable for Bathrooms, Laundries and Utility Rooms

- 75% more light than HandiLite 300


Perfect for all those dark areas in your house which need a little more light, but where you don’t want to be constantly turning on and off lights. Bathrooms, Laundries, and Small Utility Rooms can all benefit from this energy saving skylight system.


With a dome made from tough, impact resistant, molded acrylic, which filters out 95% of UV Radiation, your home can be lighter and more comfortable in just a couple of hours.


The durable and weatherproof exterior soaker tray is complimented with a sleek, slimline ceiling frame which creates an unobtrusive and modern appearance inside your home. The high quality prismatic diffuser enhances the distribution of light while eliminating glare.


The unit is completed with a length of flexible mylar light shaft. This will allow you to position the skylight where you wish whilst optimizing the transmission of light.




- Installation

- Impact resistant, molded acrylic dome

- Durable, aluminium soaker tray

- Flexible Mylar Light Shaft

- Ceiling Ring

- Diffuser